The Many Reasons to Be Happy

We all want to be happy. Whatever we do in our life is to be happy, either to work, buy luxury items, have sex or spend time with our friends and family. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want to be happy but what is happiness?

Happiness means different things for each of us but according to Wikipedia “Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”

For most people happiness is a form of achievement of how successful we are? How much we earn? How healthy we are? A loving family, or anything that satisfied your needs.

Happiness can be defined as conquering your thoughts to satisfy your needs and feeling important.

There are many reasons to be happy. Each reason will only relate to you the way you define your own happiness.

You are alive

Being alive is the most valuable treasure you can ever have. Many people do not realise this until they are about to die. The famous term YOLO “You only live once” defines life in 4 letters or words but if you don’t value your life then you cannot be happy. Start valuing your life in order to be happy.

Loving Family

I know some of us are not at this stage but we all belong to a family. If you have a family or belongs to a family that loves you, cares about you then what else do you want from your life? When you are happy, in pain or any problem you can always count on your family and they will always help you. This is true happiness.

Good Friends

In these days, it is hard to find a good friend. The work, money, technology has replaced the need of a friend. If you happen to find a good friend then you do not need money or anything to be happy. Social websites are the substitutes of good friends but cannot replace human feelings. Be happy if you have that one good friend who can see your problems while others see a smile on your face.

Somebody cares about you

Yes, there is always somebody who cares about you. It might not be your friends, family or anybody you know. You just need to find that person but you need to look at the right place.

Financial Freedom

I know I have been criticising money from the start. However, some people don’t want anything but money. As I mentioned above being happy means different things for different people. If financial freedom is your definition then debit you bank account as much as you can but remember money is not everything.

For a better relationship

If you have everything loving family, Financial freedom, and good friends then being happy can improve your relationship with your partner. Who wants to stay with a partner who is always depressed, attracts negativity and always talks about bad things. I know I need a happy partner, and I am sure everybody needs a partner who brings joy in their life.

Capable of happiness

Capable of happiness, I know this may sound stupid but it is not. We are capable of being depressed, sad, and happy. Why would you choose to be sad and depressed over happiness?

For better health

According to a research, happy people are healthier than average. If you are a gym freak, play sports or just like to be healthy then be happy. It will not only improve your overall health but also gives you all of the advantage listed above. “Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.”

Positivity in your life

Being positive will improve your life in many ways. Some people are naturally positive others are negative. The people who naturally think negative find it hard to have a positive image of themselves and their surroundings. Being happy will help you bring positivity in your life because you are more likely to think about good things.

You can be yourself

Everything is about competition now, and we all try to be someone else to win the race. We wear a mask on our face so other people like us. If you are happy you don’t need to wear a mask. You can be yourself because you are the reason for your own happiness.

Being happy is not a phrase in our life. It is a choice made by you. If you choose not to be happy it is your choice but it will only hurt you and people who are close to you. Learn to be happy. You can start being happy by being grateful to things you have right now.